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Bosca Sale

Planning all year…making sure all items are ordered…putting price tags on every single leather good…asking for friends to help set up and close down and ring up sales…

And then ordering shopping bags… making signs…posting on Facebook…sending out invites…gathering credit card machines, calculators, and pens…the list goes on and on.  “What for,” you might ask.

This is for the Bosca Annual Holiday Sample Sale that I look forward to every year.  


The Holiday sale has become a tradition for Bosca.  What started out as a small one day sale many years ago in our office in the Marconi building, has now become a huge 9 day sale that we have in the historic North Market in downtown Columbus from November 16th to November 24th.

Leather Bags

I can remember our first sale well.  That year, we had some extra samples around the factory and decided to hold a small sale for the people in our building.  Sara and I set the sale up, grabbed our books (thinking that we would have plenty of time to read), and opened the door.  Much to our surprise the office was quickly flooded with people!  Voices shrieking with glee saying, “look at this one, what an amazing color” and “can you find another one of these for my sister” and “my boyfriend would love this for Christmas”!  Sara and I were suddenly so busy that our books were long forgotten.  Before 11am, the shelves were almost bare.  We needed more stuff.

Luckily, Mark was available to load up the truck with more wallets, briefcases, totes, desk accessories, duffel bags, and other great leather accessories and rush it over from Springfield.  We were completely overwhelmed with the turn out.  Our expectations were far exceeded.  It felt like when you have a party and you are waiting for people to show up and wondering if anyone will come!

Since that day of the first Bosca Annual Holiday Sample Sale, we have moved twice to bigger venues to accommodate the size of the growing popularity of the sale.

Bosca Belts


Today, one week out from the sale, I feel many things.  I feel nervous like I do every year about getting everything set up.  I feel frazzled trying to get everything at home ready for me to be gone 12 hours everyday for 9 days in a row, and I feel hopeful that our customers and the community have gotten the news of the sale and have told their friends.  But more than anything else, I feel excited.

I am so proud to be associated with this company and these gorgeous products.


I love the rush of being in the middle of the sale and seeing the looks on people’s faces as they find the perfect gift for their dad or their best friend.  I cherish the friendships that I have made with loyal customers who return year after year and I love having a 40 year Bosca customer bring in their most treasured wallet or shave kit or brief bag to show me how well it has worn over the years.   I love the support that I get from my friends who are willing to help me just because they think it’s fun.

So on Thursday, when I am busy setting up tables, making signs, unpacking boxes, and checking prices, I may look exhausted and stressed out – but never fear, when those doors open on Saturday, November 16 at 9AM, I will be raring to go!

This year’s sale will be 11/16/13 through 11/24/13 at the North Market 2nd floor 59 Spruce St. in downtown Columbus, Ohio. I’d love to see you there!


What exactly is a CUCITO, anyway?

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We are introducing a new Bosca product line, distinctively named the CUCITO collection.  Correctly pronounced coo-chi-toe, the word derives from the Italian verb cuciare – meaning, “to stitch.”  Sometimes a product has a feature that is so distinctive, it becomes the heart and soul for that particular product.  The CUCITO wallet is such a product.


Why we love the CUCITO collection

There are three really cool things about this collection.  First, the wallets are cucito a mano, or, hand stitched.  With no stitching machine used during any point of the production process, the wallets boast stitching that shows in a distinctively artistic way.  When you see the stitches, you’ll instantly fall in love with the product.

The second great thing about the CUCITO collection is that it is made from vegetable tanned leather, meaning the tannis is extracted from natural vegetable parts such as oak leaves.  Typically, vegetable tanning makes for a very stiff product, but the guys at the factory are borderline magicians.  Using their secret methods forged from decades of experience, they produce a leather wallet that is as soft as your favorite goose down pillow.  The finished wallet wears incredibly well, with a patina that gets better and better with age.

The CUCITO collection is available in four cool colors:

  • Rich dark brown, the color of a brownie baked to perfection
  • Cuoio, which is a tan that is the color of the traditional shoe sole leather
  • Black, which might surprise you to know is one of the most difficult colors to achieve
  • Cream, a refined and traditional choice

The distinctive leather comes from our favorite tannery, whom we have worked with for the past several years.  The collection is crafted in a factory just outside of Florence, Italy.  The owner of the factory is an old, dear friend of the Boscas.  Here, our product is made right along side Gucci and Ferragamo products.


We believe that the Cucito collection is modern, original, and inspiring.  And, of course, the collection has a sharp Italian name because the Boscas live la dolce vita!


From Chris: Thoughts from my latest speaking event in Denver

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I was in Denver last week to speak at the Paradise Pen manager’s meeting.   They are the best.  I was received as respected guest and I appreciate the gesture.

The owner, Pete Paradise, has long been a supporter of Bosca. He is a little ahead of me in years and experience.  We’ve both learned a lot from business – some the hard way.  It seems to me that we have developed a similar appreciation of true success as we define it.

While I love telling the story of our 102-year history, I especially love talking about the current direction of our company, moved forward by the creative passion that is shared by everyone I work with.  It truly energizes me to arrive at the office most days.

I talked about how we find inspiration in our archives or sometimes – for example – in a Postino bag that goes by on the front of an Italian mailman’s bicycle.  We were already late for the train but we ran down the postman, and tried to talk him into letting us have the bag; of course, we had to settle for measurements and photos.  (see the picture below)

During the presentation, I lined up an example from each of our collections to show the evolution.  This helped me to explain the dynamic thinking behind our design process –We are always exploring and creating- this is one of the greatest sources of energy and satisfaction for us.  Long ago Bosca was a “corner office brass door plate” kind of brand.  As the world changes, we are continually excited by the challenge of evolving our brand.

I love the Paradise Pen Manager’s Meeting.  I appreciate that everyone there is motivated to invest in becoming better at what they do.  The managers were there to develop their ability to provide service in support of brands like Bosca that are made to the highest standards;   product like Bosca- where the real quality shows up over time as the product wears in beautifully.

Thank you Pete.  Thank you, Jeni, and Jim.   Thank you Paradise Pen.  Bosca is committed to making the kinds of products that you love; products that are useful, artful and functional.  We very much appreciate your support.

Postino Bag

Post Note:  I recently visited a friend in Italy who is involved in leather products design.  He has a beautiful example of the Postino bag in his office.   When I commented he chuckled and said, dead serious: “Yes.  Stolen of course.  They are very hard to get.”   Now why didn’t I think of that?