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What exactly is a CUCITO, anyway?

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We are introducing a new Bosca product line, distinctively named the CUCITO collection.  Correctly pronounced coo-chi-toe, the word derives from the Italian verb cuciare – meaning, “to stitch.”  Sometimes a product has a feature that is so distinctive, it becomes the heart and soul for that particular product.  The CUCITO wallet is such a product.


Why we love the CUCITO collection

There are three really cool things about this collection.  First, the wallets are cucito a mano, or, hand stitched.  With no stitching machine used during any point of the production process, the wallets boast stitching that shows in a distinctively artistic way.  When you see the stitches, you’ll instantly fall in love with the product.

The second great thing about the CUCITO collection is that it is made from vegetable tanned leather, meaning the tannis is extracted from natural vegetable parts such as oak leaves.  Typically, vegetable tanning makes for a very stiff product, but the guys at the factory are borderline magicians.  Using their secret methods forged from decades of experience, they produce a leather wallet that is as soft as your favorite goose down pillow.  The finished wallet wears incredibly well, with a patina that gets better and better with age.

The CUCITO collection is available in four cool colors:

  • Rich dark brown, the color of a brownie baked to perfection
  • Cuoio, which is a tan that is the color of the traditional shoe sole leather
  • Black, which might surprise you to know is one of the most difficult colors to achieve
  • Cream, a refined and traditional choice

The distinctive leather comes from our favorite tannery, whom we have worked with for the past several years.  The collection is crafted in a factory just outside of Florence, Italy.  The owner of the factory is an old, dear friend of the Boscas.  Here, our product is made right along side Gucci and Ferragamo products.


We believe that the Cucito collection is modern, original, and inspiring.  And, of course, the collection has a sharp Italian name because the Boscas live la dolce vita!


Meet Chris & Court

Author // Christopher Bosca
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We are Christopher and Courtney Bosca.

We have been married for almost 20 years and for most of that time our love story has included not only each other, our two boys, and numerous dogs and cats including Fausto, Hugo, Tagli (short for Tagliatelle) Rudy, and Luca, but many friends and associates from Italy, Uruguay and Argentina.

Our friends consider us big travelers, but really we just travel to the same places- mostly Italy due to our business- Bosca Accessories.

For years I have spent time working in Italy in the tanneries, small factories (aziende) and design studios in and around the area of Firenze.

As often as she can Court accompanies me and participates in the inspection of leather, the design process, and in viewing the important materials trade shows.

Every trip has been memorable, but one in particular several years ago included several other members of the Bosca design and creative staff. What a blast- and how productive that trip was. The idea was to be all together in Italy so that everyone would really “get” what it is that I think that makes Bosca special and different. The trip was impactful beyond my dreams.

It was on that trip that we decided that we wanted (needed!) to bring some of life this to all of our other friends/clients, customer. So… the blog. Stories from the trenches- if you consider research trips to small companies in the hills of Tuscany, testing leather, testing olive oils freshly pressed in the grey cold autumn months, and long Sunday lunches in between work weeks “the trenches.”

Shortly after Court and I were married we traveled to Italy with our friends Mike and Lisa McDonnell (Now authors of the fabulous food blog Tarte Du Jour) Lisa wrote us a note after that trip, thanking us for sharing “our” Italy. She got it. It is our Italy- everyone can have their own version if they find it and grab onto it- but this is ours. Our goal here is to share some of “our Italy” with you- and maybe some of “our Argentina too!

Our blog – it all starts with leather and the world of leather and leathergoods- the hands-on work that we do, but also the work of design, one view on how to live life, the food that we love and new foods that we encounter, travel, and what it means to us in our lives at home. It is a version of luxury based in experience, connection, and appreciation of something that is truly beautiful.

We have had the honor of being “insiders” in a wonderful and passionate country so there are some great stories. We hope that you will follow along on our adventures as we relate these stories past and present.